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About Our Wild at Heart Family


Hi there, I’m Jade.


I’m so excited, and incredibly grateful, you’ve stopped by.

I’d love to introduce you to the family (my family!) behind Wild At Heart Adventure Cards.

I am based in the NSW Southern Highlands with my incredible and supportive husband Brian and our beautiful, super cheeky and free-spirited 3-year-old daughter Audrey.


It’s safe to say we’re a young family much like yours. Navigating family life in a world that feels so different to the one we grew up in. We’re far more hurried, distracted and disconnected than ever before, but it’s only once you’ve taken time away to start a family that you truly feel just how much.

After having my daughter, I found myself longing for some dedicated family time, something that was light-hearted, and felt spontaneous (even if, let’s be honest, that is just not possible with a young family!) I started thinking about family traditions. I’ve always believed family traditions are important and should be fun, simple and bring us closer to the people we love.

And there was born the concept of Wild At Heart Adventure Cards - Sparking family connection through adventure.



Our Family Adventure Cards have been designed with these values in mind:

- Spark the imagination and sense of adventure of every member of the family

- Simple and inexpensive to implement at home

- Create lasting memorable moments together as a family


The Adventure Cards can be used in any number of ways, depending just how spontaneous you want to be! Bring them out monthly to plan out your next few Family Date Nights in advance. Or, pull a card on the day for a surprise family fun night. The adventures could take you into the kitchen, the garden, down the street, for a night under the stars, or a family campout in your living room. However you use them, and whichever card you pull, there will be lots of laughs and memories created on a truly unique family adventure.




I would be honoured to help you bring a sense of spontaneity and connection to your family. You can stay connected with me by joining the Adventure Tribe.  I’ll email you a monthly update, full of family fun inspiration and you’ll also be the first to hear of updates and special offers.  



Jade x