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'Life is like a road trip, enjoy each day and don't carry too much baggage!' 🚐✌

After our holiday to New Zealand in March, I have had a real case of the 'Campervan blues'  - To any of you who have always thought of the idea.. DO IT.. I could not recommend it highly enough!! 🚐👪🗺

The simplicity of 'Campervan Life' has totally won my heart over! With only the basics packed, you have everything you actually really need! This lifestyle draws you outdoors more.. picnics for breakfast, lunch and dinners soaking up the incredible views, enjoying a cup of tea at night watching the stars, and exploring new places together!

And.. you'll love this one... Housework in a camper consists of one quick sweep out with your dust pan, quick wash of your plate, fork and mug and Viola ✌ Yep you heard me.. it's that simple - no more housework, leaving the WHOLE day ahead of you free for adventuring! 

One of the greatest highlights for me of temporarily living this beautiful 'Simple life' was watching how Audrey's imagination and confidence totally sky rocket. From making dolls out of pinecones or rolling up a jumper and pretending it was her baby, to having huge breakthroughs.. when enjoying walking exploring new places and watching her confidence grow 10 fold - meeting new friends, yelling out across the campsites asking them to play 📣😂 (super proud parents right here).

After we arrived home, I had these feelings of missing and longing for that simplicity again as I looked around our home and it was back to tackling the mountains of chores/to-do's but mostly the overwhelming and ridiculous amount of toys that clutter your home. I feel like my perceptions had been totally shifted in what we truly need and I feel like I've always been pretty in touch with how much we clutter our homes with so much 'stuff' and it made me question 'Do we really need all this stuff?' and.. 'Why do we do this to ourselves?'

It has made me think of how can we add pieces of this simplicity and joy into our everyday family lives to help create more of this fun sense of adventure and quality time together! So I came to realize 3 easy steps we can help achieve this carefree feeling more often.

Firstly I thought, it's dropping the clutter, that means donate it, re-home it and from this moment moving forward don't buy that clutter anymore (just imagine.. if you saved all that 'wasted' money and put it into your 'Family Adventure Fund' - your little family adventures wouldn't feel so far out of reach). Because it's in the simplest moments where we use our imaginations and find our own kind of fun! Proving we don't need the 'stuff' to have fun or create happiness.

Secondly, simplify each and every day. For every to-do, ask yourself 'Is this serving me or my family?', 'is it a priority?', 'Can it wait?'. Just by dropping say 2 to-do's each day, instantly frees up more time for you and your family to just BE there with each other, enjoying more precious moments connecting and strengthening your relationships. 

Lastly, be more spontaneous! Try to spontaneously pick an activity or way to spend quality time together.. this totally helps in not putting too much pressure or planning around what your going to do and allows you to create an exciting 'surprise' element! Being spontaneous can give you some relaxed and uninhabited qualities, because no matter what happens next, you can deal with it. This is an incredible trait to have in life and to teach your kiddies.

So drop the clutter, simplify and be more spontaneous!! See the beauty in Simplicity and LIVE a life truely lived well!